Saturday, September 22, 2012


Let's get down to the other parts of my inner nerd. 
Even if I'm not reading them, I just like HAVING them. Especially on a shelf. 
This boils down to my weird obsession with paper, pens, and any other form of school supplies you can think of. 
But I love books! I've always loved to read, even when I don't do it so often. :) My phone has a kindle application already installed on it, and I have a good bit of free books on there. (Some are for the kids too). I got to thinking and realized there were some books I read back in school ages ago that I would like to read again, and some I didn't read (cliff notes to the rescue!) that I would like to try. So, I decided to make a wish list for reading! This is what I have so far! 

The Giver - Lois Lowry 
(apparently, this is a trilogy?! And I didn't know it! so, the rest of the trilogy as well!)
Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck
Catcher in the Rye - JD Salinge 

Yeah, kind of short, but it's a start! Plus, now that I've put it here, I can keep up with a little easier :) 

My replacement phone came in today! I'm excited! It's a brand new phone, not a refurbished one. The only down side is I have to update everything and redownload all my apps again. I need to clear off the computer some so I can install my back up software for the phone, just in case something like that happens again, o_O which, I hope it doesn't. It's also a different color. Instead of the red one, I got a black one. This one is SO much faster than my other one. It only takes like 2 seconds to restart the phone! I'm excited! I just need to get more screen protectors for it!
I got lucky and all my pictures and music were still on there :) I'm super excited now! 

Anywho. I gotta get a little girl in the bath and then in bed. Got work in the nursery in the AM, EARLY in the AM :) Need my rest for all my babies! 

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