Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Time to play catch up! I haven't posted anything in about two days! Yesterday I spent the day shopping with my younger sister. (not the baby sister, she was in school xD) It was nice. Even DD was well behaved, at least until around nap time :) My sister, who I'll just call B, got some of the cutest shirts/dresses. There was this one dress that I may just got back and try to find for me. It was so stinking cute! 

DH starts his second job in the morning. I'm excited. He'll pretty much bring in another full time check in just part time hours. Just in time for the holidays! Now, I don't feel so down and out because I can't find a job and Christmas/DD's birthday is coming up! Maybe once we get everything straightened out, I can get a mani/pedi with my sisters! 

Today was a pretty decent day. I got up feeling AWESOME! I got some much needed sleep! I got up, made breakfast and then cooked supper. Yeah, it was early, but it saved SO much time this afternoon! I did laundry, cleaned up, swept and did the dishes. The day went by so fast. And my children have cracked me up. We're sitting at the table eating supper when DS asks me to scare him because he has the hiccups. I told him it's not scary if he knows I'm going to do it. He than asks me why he had the hiccups, was it because he was eating too much junk? Taking total advantage of this situation, I told him YES. He was eating too much junk (lol!) Then he proceeds to tell me that if he keeps eating too much junk his belly will get fat, and he frowns. 
OH man, I CRACKED up. This boy of mine, I tell ya! 

Then, DD was whining about something. I turn around and start fake whining as I'm walking into the kitchen. Still fake whining, I turn around because I can hear her following me into the kitchen. She comes around the corner with her hand out, looks at me and says, "Stop." LOL Oh goodness. I cracked up again! 

Bedtime was easy tonight, which is NOT normal. But I'm excited about it. There's nothing to do but whatever I want to do. I managed a shower while DD took her nap earlier, so I've been painting my toe nails and watching Dinosaurs on Netflix! I LOVE this show!

Oh, I almost forgot! My phone bit the dust yesterday! I was so mad! I had some pictures of outfits for DD that I wanted to show DH as well as some home decor and the thing just decides to die! I know what really happened to it. I took pictures of me in a dress and it just killed over. LOL! I'm having a new one sent to me. It should be here in about three days. That means I have to download all my apps again :( UGH. I hate this. Maybe this one won't act up. It's a brand new one, not a refurbished one! Guess I'll see when I get it. :) 

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