Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Daily Journal : Post 4

Since I opened up the can of name worms, I might as well express my excitement over the newest infatuation I've found. 
Yes, Lorcan. I adore it! It's Irish/Gaelic and means "little fierce one". ah! If only I could explain how perfect it would fit a boy in our family! Seriously. I've come up with a few combinations for it, but not sure enough on them to add them to my little list I keep. I've been playing around with what's considered "ancient" names to go with it, like Cassius, Julius, and Augustus as well as some modern and Biblical names. 

Why yes, I am completely insane. :) Feel free to stop reading and find something else a little less crazy :) Because I'm still typing. haha! 

Anyways, before I get off on a tangent. Let's type about some other stuff. Today was pretty productive outside of the house. Went to Walmart, got some things, ate lunch with DH and DD, picked up DS from school. After school I took the children to this thrift store I saw on the way to my Aunt's house one day. I'm in search of training panties for DD. I'm refusing to pay 7.94 for a three pack when my mother bought DD a sack of those plastic cover panties (also 7.94 for a three pack) for maybe three dollars. I know they're out there. I've just got to find them. 
Back on track. 
We went to this thrift store in search of training panties, and sadly, didn't find any. But I did find DS a Cars toy for three dollars. It was one of those bigger ones, and he was Dinoco (sp???) blue. The ones that are almost 50 dollars in store. And I got DD a toddler sized police car. Apparently, it lights up and makes the siren sound, but didnt realize that until I submerged it into the dishwater to wash it o_O go figure, right? So now it's sitting in my drainer just going off like crazy lol. I also found me this really cute burnt orange sweater like shirt. It has the flared sleeves on it. Oh my, I love it! Though, I feel I may need a tank top to wear under it just in case it's not quite long enough. 

After the thrift store, we went to the library. There's this drawing at school for DS for Iron Bowl tickets. All he has to do to be entered is read six grade level Accelerated Reading books, fill the sheet out with the books listed on it, and turn it in by October 19th! I think I was more excited than he was! We got him two books and a movie. He kind of had a little meltdown after we got his books, so we left right after. I didn't get to go look for anything for me, but I have a ton of free books on my Kindle app I can read instead. :) 

We left the library and went to eat supper at McDonald's. We ate and I let them play for at least an hour and a half on the play place before we came home for homework. By the time we got home, little sister was MORE than ready for bed. She was so tired that while she was crying in protest to going to bed, she was just laying down. No throwing her toys and blankets out. No standing there crying for me. She was pretty tired. :) I finally got DS to bed about a half hour ago. 

Now that the babies are in bed, I have laundry to finish. I washed the dishes while DS was playing for a little bit with his new toy and I managed to mop/ start a load of clothes before I sat myself down to release my inner nerd :) I've got a load of clothes waiting to folded and I think it's about time to throw the ones in the washer into the dryer! So I guess I better get up and get this done so tomorrow I don't have to worry about much of anything aside from what I'm going to cook for supper :) 

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