Friday, September 14, 2012

Daily Journal: Post Six

Yes, I'm aware I skipped a day. I have yesterdays post saved on the computer. It's not letting me post anything at all on the computer site. (I'm using my app at the moment.)
I'm irritated at the site because I honestly would rather cut and paste than retype an entry. What to do, what to do. Oh well.
So today was pretty much like the last four. I almost stayed up this morning, but took a nap anyway and had every intention of getting up at 10am, only to wake up at noon.....again. maybe I can get straightened out this weekend.
DS is going to church with his aunt, so he's gone for the weekend. I'm super proud of him! He memorized a Bible verse for church in ONE day! And he also came home with a sticker for good behaviour at school this week!! Improvement, I welcome thee!! I'm one happy mama.
DD is showing more interest in the toilet lately. She's been sitting on her training potty more with her diaper on lately. And I have to fight her to get her diaper back on. If I could just find more training panties at a decently cheap price!!! Ugh!! I'm ready to get this girl out of diapers and into UNDERWEAR. Pull UPS are twice as blooming expensive as diapers!
I checked out some books at the library today. I started reading earlier, but I'm thinking I need to feed DD, get her a bath and in bed before I continue further. I tend to wedge my nose in a book and get totally lost in it. I could just imagine the disaster that would await me if she was up running around Haha.
It's almost bedtime for the little ladybug anyway :) I guess that's where I'm off to for now!!

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