Saturday, September 8, 2012

Daily Journal: Post 2

I know this is the second post today, but I wrote out my first post yesterday while I was working, and didn't get home until after 11pm last night :) 

Here's my attempt at consistency. 
I haven't been up but maybe 15 minutes. My house is a mess! There's so much laundry to do. The dishes have to be done, and the trash has to be taken out. I'm stressed already. 
I still need to go to the store, but I don't feel up to going by myself. I'm sure Nick won't get up either. (btw, it's almost 11:30am) I honestly would rather go back to sleep. I feel rather irritable, I guess. 

I get tired of all the cleaning but if I don't do it, it piles up and I'm dealing with the mess I have to deal with today. Guess I better go get started and write more later. 

::So, Nick got up and we went to the store and ate lunch. He's gone to work and Hayleigh's taking a nap. I should be napping, but when I lay down, I'm not as tired as when I'm upright. Makes no sense. haha! Clothes are almost done, but the dishes can sit there for a while longer for all I care. I'm in no hurry. No sense in rushing. Thinking about trying to catch a small nap since baby girl is still asleep. Maybe I'll feel better after I get up, because I still don't feel so well. :/ Only one way to find out! Nap time! Until tomorrow! :: 

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