Sunday, October 21, 2012


Some poetry I scribbled out last week :) 

Oh nostalgia,
You always get the best of me.
You always know just how
To bring me to my knees.
To make me remember
All the things I should have said
All the times I bled.
You make it hard to sleep at night
Thinking about the wrongs I can't make right.
There's a longing in my chest
Something I swore I put to rest.
An aching in this heart of mine
That's killing me with every beat that keeps me alive.
If you were to ever leave
Your shadowy home
I swear I'd never make it on my own
You are the sun that burns
In my darkest days.
The hope that shines
When everything seems grey.
I don't ever want you to leave
'Cause when you aren't here
It's so hard for me to breathe.

and here's something else I scribbled out last night as well


I'm sorry for the way I've been
and for all the things that could have been.
The only person I ever really loved
Let me go,
and now it seems
I've gone and ended up all alone.
I'm stuck in this grave,
the bed I've made for me,
and I lay in it with regret.
Why do I always do this to myself?
You always seem to cross my minds
so much more than I'd like to admit.

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